A/B Testing and How it Can Help Your brand

A/B testing has huge potential for optimising sales of brands,­ if you do it right!

It’s a great opportunity to learn about shopper preferences and then apply that data in order to increase sales.

How does A/B testing work?

First, decide what you are testing. Is it a new product image? A promotion? A pop-­up ad to drive shoppers to buy your brand? It is important to know your current results to use as a baseline to establish if test results are better or worse. Decide if you will judge success by a rise in CTR or an increase in actual sales.

At mySupermarket, we recently ran an A/B test for a leading brand of beer to try a new advertisement and measure if the CTR was higher for the new ad than the current version used on the site. In order to get a full picture of shopper behaviour, we ran three separate A/B tests. In each one a different part of the advert was changed . First the background colour, then the slogan, then the image.

Using all the information on CTRs, we were able to establish which version was more successful each time and then create an advert that used all the most successful elements.

A/B testing does take some time. Each test must be run separately and should trial for a period of between a few days to two weeks. Then all the results must be collated and examined. 

A/B testing optimises the way your brand is presented to shoppers by establishing exactly which aspects of the brand engage shoppers the most. Using A/B testing to decide where to place your brand on a shelf, or whether or not to use a roundel, shows an almost immediate increase in conversion.

The information learned during an A/B test can be reused again and again. For example, mySupermarket learnt that an ad on a white background had a higher CTR than on a dark background. This is information that our marketing team can use to increase engagement with promotional media. 

A/B testing often tests very small variables, such as size of font, or length of wording, but these very small tests can produce very big results to your bottom line. The time and money spent on A/B testing is a worthwhile investment in the marketing of your brand.

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