Search Term Analysis: Understanding How Shoppers Arrive at Your Brand

mySupermarket tracked the shopper journey of customers online and found that most shoppers begin by using the search function. If many shoppers are using the search tool to fill their basket, it is important that brands have optimised this tool in order to be found.

Search term analysis collects metrics about how customers search for your brand. On mySupermarket we can analyse which keywords perform best. We can track if shoppers do a general search for “beer” or a more specific search using your brand name. Do people misspell the name of the item? Who is your main competition? All this information is ranked in order of popularity in easy to read tables. A brand can then use this data to target shoppers and make sure that if a customer is looking for your brand, they will not find your competition.

For instance, mySupermarket recently performed a search term analysis for a leading brand of fruit drink. It was discovered that shoppers usually searched for the brand by name and not using a more generic term such as “squash” or “juice”.

Specific search terms such as “multi pack” or “carton” were also used by customers looking for specific items. The brand then used this information to make sure shoppers looking for their brand using these search terms were targeted with an advert. It is also possible to make sure that a certain brand name will appear first in a search result.

Spelling mistakes are also very common. For example, a leading brand of coffee learnt most UK shoppers misspell cappuccino in many different ways, including “capuccino” and “capucino”. They were then able to ensure that when a shopper searched for cappuccino using a common misspelling of the word, their brand appeared first in the search results.

A search on mySupermarket is similar to a search anywhere on the web, including Google, so optimising your search results using search term analysis is useful not only for shoppers who buy your brand on mySupermarket, but for shoppers of your brand anywhere. The information is applicable across the board. If you know how shoppers are looking for you, then make sure that they can find you.

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