Getting the Basics Right: The Importance of Online Imagery and Messaging

The first action of any brand marketer should be a focus on the basics. Once you have the basics right, you can use that information to drive your brand presence to the front of shoppers’ minds.

Here are some basics of online brand marketing:

  1. Know your market share

A brand should know how they perform against their competitors and what is the trend line. Using simple analytics, mySupermarket supports brands with examining what shoppers look for and which products they purchase. Once you are informed of your market share you can set a goal to increase sales. It also means you know who is your main competition. You can examine what they are doing that makes them successful.

  1. Online auditing

Review the website of each retailer and see how your brand is presented . Every product should have an image, a description and product details. Customers are less likely to purchase an item that has no image. Incorrect product descriptions or images can be absent so it is important for brand managers to be aware and check regularly. mySupermarket alerts brands when there is missing information. This monitoring also allows you to follow the price of your product across retailers compared to others.

  1. Product availability

Use mySupermarket to check your product availability across all retailers and in all branches. If a product is out of stock shoppers can’t buy it. It’s also important to look at your product placement and establish­ where your brand appears on the shelf. Can shoppers see it and find it easily? Again, if they can’t find it, they won’t buy it.

  1. Understand the shopper journey

Use analytics to get to know your shopper. You can find out demographics such as age, gender, location and region, general spending, category penetration (other categories they buy from when they buy your product) and brand penetration (other brands they buy with or instead of yours). Use this information for targeted advertising. If you know who is buying your products and why it is easier to appeal to them. It is also useful to learn how shoppers find your products. Once you understand how customers are searching for you, you can make sure that they find your brand.

Once you have perfected all the basics, you will be able to drive sales across all retailers, lock out the competition and become category champions!

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