The Shopper Mission

The shopper mission: what does she want, what purpose is she shopping for?

In order to best target shoppers, a brand needs to answer two questions:

  • Who is my shopper?
  • What purpose is she shopping for?

Once a brand understands what is driving a customer to their product, they are able to focus the branding and zone in on what the shopper really wants. We refer to our shopper as “she” since 67% of the mySupermarket panel (people who use our site) are female. mySupermarket is able to provide brands with up ­to ­the minute, real-time data on who is shopping for your products at any given moment. 

What we do not know is why they are buying this particular product. Are they making a party? Is this a family favourite? To find out, mySupermarket conduct ”Shopper Mission Surveys”. The purpose of this survey is to understand the shopper goal. By understanding what the mission looks like and how it is shopped the brand will be able to understand when, where and how to target customers most effectively.

A “Shopper Mission Survey” is sent to shoppers who purchased a particular item or brand. The data collected can be used by the brand. For example, if a brand learns that many people buy their product on Friday afternoon, they can use targeted advertising at that time. If a brand learns that mothers buy their product as a healthy breakfast choice for their children, the brand can use this information to make sure that their product image and information is appealing to parents looking for healthy breakfast. There is no need for price promotions if customers are shopping for your brand regularly, as long as you are able to highlight what the customer is looking for. If your product is often bought by people making parties, make sure it appears in the right place on the mySupermarket party shelf. Ensure the packaging screams that it is suitable for a celebration.

It is also useful to know how a shopper reaches your product. ­Do they browse the shelves, allocate you via search or find the product because of a promotion? This information helps a brand to know if promotions are effective, if their placement on a planogram is correct and if their search engine results are optimised.

mySupermarket can also tell you what customers are buying with your product. Analysis of the content of their basket informs us that shoppers who buy beer also buy red wine, suggesting that targeting ads for red wine at beer shoppers would be successful.

Understanding the shopper mission means you understand the behaviour and motivation of your customers, which in turn means that you can ensure that your customers keep buying your brand.

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