Sugar Accumulator App Downloaded a Million Times

You may remember our award winning sugar accumulator tool from previous correspondence. The concept, developed with Public Health England and MEC, presents itself as a widget on our website and measures how much sugar is in a shopper’s basket. Using the UK Government’s nutrition criteria, we developed a system based on the traffic light labelling approach which highlights the amount of sugar in particular items. When the shopper clicks on the sugar accumulator box they are then shown a breakdown of the items in their basket that are high in sugar and given the option to switch to healthier options.

Sugar Smart

As part of this year’s Sugar Smart campaign, Public Health England has launched another fantastic tool to help consumers understand the amount of added sugar in everyday food and drink.

The Sugar Smart app has been downloaded over 1.7 million times since its release in January and has enjoyed time at the top of the UK free app charts across both Android and iOS. It works by allowing shoppers to scan barcodes on common items and visualises the amount of total sugar in the product as sugar cubes (indicating where consumers don’t need to be concerned about intrinsic sugars, for example the sugar in plain milk, plain yoghurts and whole fruit and veg). It can scan over 80,000 products thanks to data supplied by mySupermarket and FoodSwitch.

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