mySupermarket launches new online audit service

mySupermarket has launched a new online audit platform to enable you to better track the performance of your products and categories.

Our Insights tool will provide key data across major UK retailers in order to help you win the digital shelf.

It will include the following reports:

  • Portfolio: a comprehensive audit of our products by retailer and category
  • Availability: view in stock versus out of stock levels down to the retailer and branch
  • Shelf placement: how your products are ranked with each retailer
  • Search placement: how your products are ranked on each search results page
  • Content compliance: ensure your images, product names, ingredients, description and nutritional information are all correct

Insights is powered by data from our consumer site which sees around 50,000 people regularly shop – the largest shopper panel in Europe – and more than five million visits a month.

We’re confident the transactional aspect of is a key advantage of the new Insights platform. We’re now able to provide brands the same level of information that you would get in a physical store.

With the eCommerce capabilities through our consumer-facing site we can demonstrate the impact of campaigns on sales of FMCG products, whilst tracking promotions, market share, new product development and purchasing trends.

To access the new Insights platform, register here 

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