Taxonomy testing

Taxonomy is a crucial element of eCommerce. If you want to sell products online they need to be readily available via search.

Much of this lies in maintaining a thorough product category taxonomy, the hierarchy for organising a product catalogue in a way for a customer to browse to the desired product in as few clicks as possible.

In many cases your products are stocked across multiple retailers who map their own product categories, meaning each taxonomy is different. And, ultimately, each customer on each different platform will find your products in a different place.

That’s where mySupermarket comes in. Mapping your products across all channels, platforms and retailers can be a big, tedious effort but it’s very important.

Our taxonomy testing capabilities enable you to learn how you can influence your category as a whole. If you can learn what changes can assist a shopper in finding you, or your competitors, you can directly impact traffic and sales. When people can find your products quickly they’ll be more likely to buy more and keep coming back.

Remember – taxonomy is built for the user, not the other way around. Learn how it works and how you can do it better by speaking with a mySupermarket Account Manager today.

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