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Research shows that Britain’s love affair with coffee is growing. For every cup of tea drank we now consume around two-and-a-half cups of coffee. An impressive fact for a nation of tea drinkers. This success has not gone unnoticed and everyone from pubs, to fast-food operators, and even the baker Greggs, have been improving their coffee offerings to get in on the act.

mySupermarket’s analysts have studied the UK’s coffee buying habits in-depth and uncovered some intriguing insights.

To begin with, the price of coffee beans in particular has been rising steadily over recent months, from £1.56 pound per 100g in 2014 to £1.68 pound for 100g today. The exponential rise in popularity of coffee pods in particular has shaken up the coffee sector, with Tassimo Pods being the most popular ground coffee. 


Moreover we found that coffee pods started to become very popular in Christmas 2014, which can be linked to new competitors starting to introduce cheaper pods. The trend also repeated itself again in Christmas 2015.


Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Medium Roast Coffee is most popular within the instant coffee category. Although Nescafé have the most products in the top 10 with five, the full list is available here:



When searching for coffee products consumers tend to vary their search terms depending on the sort of coffee they’re after. Popular coffee bean and ground coffee search terms include a mix of generic words and brands. Top 5 Coffee Bean search terms:Top-search-terms

The most popular day of the week to purchase coffee is Sunday, closely followed by Monday.


Residents of South East London are the biggest coffee drinkers in the UK, heading up our list of top 5 coffee buyers in the UK.


Supermarkets have also been trying to capitalise on the increased popularity of coffee with the number of own brand coffee products available rising from 89 in January 2014 to 96 in March of this year.

Whether the coffee boom continues upwards or not, this fascinating trend is sure to have interesting twists and turns over the next few years.

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Data analysed spans from April 2015 to April 2016 inclusive.

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