Media Compliance – new report

We are pleased to announce that our new Online Category Management Tool is now even better with the addition of a new report for brand managers. Our Media Compliance report will review all the different advertising campaigns you have across retailers.

We’ll examine the different places your advertisements should appear on retailers’ sites and we’ll confirm whether they are being served as they should be, as you booked them.

Content compliance

We are also able to measure your media performance across all retailers and give you real-time information on your media activities, along with completed campaigns.

You can view screenshots on how your media appears on each relevant part of the site.  

The Media Compliance report joins the six reports already included on our online category management tool, powered by data from our consumer site which sees around 50,000 people regularly shop each month. It’s the largest shopper panel in Europe.

For more information, please register hereAlternatively please speak to your Account Manager if you are interested in learning more or if would like us to demonstrate the new capabilities.

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