Wine buying trends

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It’s the nation’s favourite drink.

No longer the tipple just for connoisseurs or the wealthy; the red, white or bubbly drop has firmly established itself as a much-loved drink for people of all ages, social classes and regions of the UK.

Yes, we’re talking about wine – the beverage that novelist Ernest Hemingway once described as “one of the most civilised things in the world”.

mySupermarket’s analysts have looked into the wine drinking habits of the UK and discovered just who buys the most wine – and what our favourite bottles are.

For bubbles lovers it was unsurprising to see classic drop Möet & Chandon Brut Imperial Non Vintage Champagne take top honours among mySupermarket shoppers. Our favourite red hails from the land Down Under, with Australia’s full bodied Yellow Tail Shiraz in number one place. For whites we preferred another southern hemisphere drop in New Zealand’s Villa Maria Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc. Shoppers’ favourite rosé is the Californian blend Barefoot White Zinfandel.


As for the most popular wine overall on mySupermarket, the honours went to ASDA’s Extra Special Prosecco. It was unsurprising to discover, therefore, that champagne and sparkling wine shelves were the most visited on the mySupermarket website. It appears our next favourite drop is red wine, followed by white and in last place, rosè.


If you’re looking for your favourite drop it helps to know the range available, right? For the biggest wine selection on mySupermarket, Ocado is the destination for bubbly, red and white options. It boasts more than 220 different choices for champagne and sparkling wine, almost 700 different red wine options and more than 530 different white selections. For rosè, ASDA leads the way with 111 choices for the summery blend.


We also looked into who’s actually buying this wine and found 69% of wine is purchased by women, with champagne and sparkling wines leading the way. More than 70% of bubbly is purchased by women. Men are most likely to purchase red wine out of all varietals.

Wine is also most likely to be purchased by shoppers aged between 25-44.

When breaking down the data by geography, we see that shoppers from Brighton are the biggest wine lovers, along with Islington in London.

Other wine loving regions of the UK include south west London, Croydon and Hove.


The most popular day of the week to purchase wine is Thursday, with 15.6% of transactions completed on the site. And, unsurprisingly, the most common hours of the day to purchase alcohol is between 8pm – 10pm. More than 20% of transactions take place during that part of the evening.

Data analysed spans from May 2015 to May 2016 inclusive.

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