New: Take control with SKU Performance Analysis

mySupermarket’s Category Management Tool now offers brands the chance to view the performance of their digital shelf product by product with SKU performance analysis.

Adding to the impressive capabilities of the Category Management Tool, brands can now analyse the performance of their digital shelf by individual products with in depth SKU analysis.

Using our 360-degree analytics suite, brands and manufacturers now have all they need to manage their online activities, at all levels – from executive portfolio KPIs, through bespoke list tracking, down to real-time individual SKU analysis.

SKU Performance Analysis empowers your NPD launches with truly actionable insights:

  • Monitor online distribution and damaging stock gaps across branches, from day-1
  • Ensure image and content quality, with content compliance checks
  • Track price & promotions vs. competitors, and optimise your campaign on-the-fly
  • Gain unique data on penetration into shopper Favourites

mySupermarket’s exclusive insight into shoppers’ Favourites unlocks top strategic value – it’s the most accurate benchmark for NPD online reception, and the best predictor of repeat-purchase lifetime value.

CEO Gilad Simhony explains why SKU performance analysis is a valuable addition to an already leading business insights tool:

SKU performance analysis gives brands valuable insight into the results of their spend and strategy across their digital shelf quickly and easily. Especially valuable for NPD launches, brands can optimise their spend and performance with greater control than ever before.

By giving the functionality for in-depth product analysis, mySupermarket’s Category Management Tool remains the key tool brands and manufacturers need to clearly identify opportunities and issues regarding their online presence .

Case Study

To demonstrate the value of deeper individual analysis for brands, we’ve identified an example of the possibilities in action. The product can be seen entering shoppers’ Favourites list 3 months after launching, with twice the share of the category in Favourites lists in Asda  than Tesco.

Factors that have influenced the NPD penetration include Price and Promotion and Distribution and Availability. Marketeers can clearly see that the larger share in Asda is likely due to the item being on special offer with a 31% discount in Asda the whole period, whilst only on offer for 11 days with a discount of 28% in Tesco.

In addition, the brand can see that Asda have better stock intake of the product compared to Tesco (70% compared to 63%) over the same period. Lindt can now adjust their strategy accordingly and resolve any possible availability issues with Tesco quickly and easily – optimising their spend on the NPD and increasing sales.

mySupermarket already works closely with brands to help them to increase sales performance by fixing the basics, understanding their online shoppers, testing and optimising their marketing, influencing shoppers and re-messaging. In addition, the company also provides customised reports and insights for government organisations, investment banks, hedge funds and other analysts.

Ready to take control of your digital shelf? Click here  for a free trial and gain insight into your brand’s potential with mySupermarket’s Online Category Management Tool.