All you need is love? Valentine’s Trends by mySupermarket

All you need is love? Shopping trends and analysis for Valentine’s Campaigns by mySupermarket

Love is the air as shoppers begin to come out of their post-Christmas spend hiatus just in time for Valentine’s day. Using our extensive data we decided to analyse trends, habits and shopping behaviours associated with Feb 14th to see if champagne and chocolates still take love struck shopper’s fancy or if romance is being reinvented.

Loco for Cocoa?

We began by looking at traditional treats including boxed chocolates to decipher which retailer has the best range of Valentine’s chocolates since 2012.

Tesco are leading the field so far in 2016 but with the big day still a few weeks away some NPDs may yet to be released into physical stores and online.  Each year however, the range for the top retailer decreased, possibly suggesting shoppers and stores moving away from traditional gift ideas in search of new markets.

A cosy Night in?

We decided to see if Valentine’s trends had moved towards non-edible gifts and treats. We investigated the number of shoppers searching for the terms “Bubble bath” and discovered that between January 2014 and 2016 (to date) the number of searches has actually dropped 16 %. A similar story between February 2014 and 2016 with 6% less searches for bubble bath on mySupermarket.

Romantic shoppers obviously aren’t turning to bubbles to celebrate valentine’s day, unless perhaps they are in their glass?


We looked at the number of searches for Champagne and Prosecco  in January 2014 and 2016 and February 2014 and 2016 too. We discovered the number of searches for champagne increased 48% suggesting shoppers are looking to treat themselves and their loved ones more than previous years. This upwards trend is also reflected in champagne’s cheaper alternative Prosecco, with the number of searches increasing a staggering 146% between January and 101% in February 2-14/2016.

Manufacturers, retailers and brands can all learn from this trend, which tells us that shoppers are keen to celebrate Valentine’s day but are even more keen to save money. This movement towards money saving and getting the most value for their money can be used to help determine price points and NPD launches to help optimise spend and maximise insight into shifting markets even in staple calendar events such as Valentine’s Day.

But what about Perfumes?

January 2016 saw the number of searches for “perfume” increase 118%, whilst the February comparison also saw an impressive 106% increase in fragrance searches. Could this be the new preferred gift for lovers?

If a manufacturer is looking to target shopper’s love affairs with valentine’s day they may well consider targeting their screen presence to promote any fragrance related products. Likewise it would be an excellent time to launch an NPD, perhaps with a special offer to help cut through the noise of competition.

But where are all the romantics shopping? The top 3 post codes searching for “valentines” on mySupermarket are:

Retailers can use this information to ensure their products are present, in stock and optimised to take advantage of amorous shoppers in these locations to help support sales and maximise digital potential.

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