Promotions – How to make them work for you

Promotional budgets in the FMCG industry are significant and every opportunity should be taken to ensure that it is optimised to result in a clear ROI. Promotions are a key tool for brands to increase revenue and are more effective online than offline.

Recently we made some additions to our business solutions tool which can help you track the promo activity of your products and compare the analysis across multiple scenarios.

There are multiple benefits to a brand having their promo activity available to them:

  • Allows you to get a deeper insight into promotions, historically and current, and how they performed, while comparing them to sales results on the same period and category. Insights like these are key to better understand promotion effectiveness.
  • Being able to have a visual calendar of your activity v’s the activity of your competition. This allows you to understand sales results in a specific period and on a category level in light of these activities.
  • Have visual of the type of promotions that your competitors are running across different retailers
  • Access to two years of historical pricing to help identify trends across retailers and brands.

The report can be generated in line with your brand guidelines and can be customised to include:

  1. Weekly sampling day – select a day you wish to dive deeper into
  2. Competitor Brands – there are two types of competitors, retailer own brands which are determined automatically by the mySupermarket database and competing brands which are defined by you
  3. Promotion types – for e.g.
    • Buy 2 for £3
    • Buy 2 for £5
    • Buy 2 for £10
    • Half price
    • Introductory offer
    • Save X%

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