Case Study: Cadbury’s Freddo

The mySupermarket Insights tool is a great way to track the progress of your products. The tool allows you take a deeper look, which can be very useful when launching a product to market.

We looked into the launch of Cadburys Freddo Drinking Chocolate 175g into Tesco and Asda and this is what we found:


Since its launch in September 2016, Tesco share of favorites has been steadily increasing (Sept 16 – Feb 17). Early promotions have helped to raise the profile of the Drinking Chocolate. This has also been supported by solid distribution, which has impacted the steady rise in favorite share (circa 98%).


The launch in Asda has been a little slower. The share of favourites in Asda has started to increase since December, driven through promotions and distribution gains. The share, however lags significantly behind Tesco who clearly benefited from ranging the products sooner than Asda (Sept, as oppose to Nov/Dec 16).

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