Case Study: Shopper Search Terms Analysis



How are shoppers searching for brands?

We were tasked by Wrigley’s to look into how shoppers are searching for their brand across the site, as they were keen to understand what could be done to increase their market share.


  1. The first step was to map the top search keywords and measure their sales conversion for Wrigley’s vs. their competitors

This simple analysis pointed to a few key search terms in which Wrigley’s had a clear disadvantage compared to their competitors, e.g. “sugar free”, “mint” & “mints”.

     2. Secondly, we delved into the top performing search keywords for Wrigley’s, revealing that 54.9% of the searches leading to the purchase of a Wrigley’s product originated from general search terms such as “chewing gum” and “gum”.



Using these insights, we were able to provide Wrigley’s with a range of recommendations on how to improve their search visibility.

For them, adding additional tags such as ‘sugar free’ to the product name to boost search visibility and optimise for retailer search on general terms rather than focus on branded keywords.


Optimizing search placement is a long process and improvements on areas such as SEO ranking and search visibility can take months to take effect.

One year later, the results have been hugely impactful. Wrigley’s saw a double-digit increase in e-commerce market share across all major retailers





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