Unilever Vs Tesco – Confused?

Have you seen the new Tesco product shot guidelines for e-commerce? It’s very different to Unilever’s approach. 
Which has led to both frustration and confusion with our clients, and then Ocado has brought out their own front of pack guidelines which ignore both Unilever’s approach and Tesco’s – frustrating isn’t it!

Whether you’re a long way down the line with front of pack testing or you think you have an answer or you’ve not even started, we want to help.

We are able to use mySupermarket.co.uk as a test lab, and test 2 or 3 different front of pack designs against each other.
It’s a safe environment to test and you get a definite answer to the No.1 question:

Which design is going to drive the biggest uplift in sales?

In our tests we’ve found that sometimes Unilever’s approach work, but sometimes it doesn’t. Because we’ve worked with dozens of global brands to test their content, we know how to get the best mobile-optimised front of pack designs, fast… with the click thru rates to back it up.

If you think we can help, please get in touch with our new UK MD Viv Craske on viv.craske@mysupermarket.com or fill in the below.