Introducing Metrico – The E-Commerce Smart Assistant


mySupermarket Business Solutions have launched its new smart assistant ‘Metrico’

mySupermarket Business Solutions, the No.1 trusted e-business insight & technology partner to FMCG brands and retailers have launched a smart assistant, Metrico; a first in the industry.

Metrico, the first e-commerce smart assistant, delivers insights and alerts to your email inbox, saves busy FMCG sales, marketing, and supply chain staff time and a lot of headaches.

Gilad Simhony CEO of mySupermarket said “After speaking with clients, we realised that current e-commerce tracking tools on the market were not providing the grocery industry with what they needed. Other grocery retail e-commerce tools were like a gym membership – valuable in theory, but something that many people bought, but didn’t use. It didn’t solve the problem that people wanted the insights, but they didn’t always have time to log in – so we came up with Metrico.”

Metrico is a smart assistant that will update you without having to log into a platform, on many issues that would affect e-commerce sales, such as Availability, Share of Shelf, Promotions and Market Share.

There are four parts to Metrico which make a superior e-commerce tool:

  1. Smart weekly reports e.g. Price & Promotion; Content Compliance
  2. Smart scorecards – track your monthly e-commerce KPIs easily
  3. Smart platform – dive into the data when you have time
  4. Smart alerts – email alerts e.g. Availability, Price & Promotion


Besides the unique way Metrico delivers its service, it also comprises three reports that no other grocery e-commerce platform offers:

  • Market Share Estimation – this is the Holy Grail of e-commerce FMCG measurement. We can track your online market share against your competitors – so you know what campaigns have made an impact
  • Availability – Other tools delivers product availability on a regional or postcode level. Only Metrico delivers store-by-store level availability – and delivers out-of-stock alerts to your email inbox.
  • Favourites – this is a unique way that shoppers buy groceries online, with up to 50% of shoppers buying items from their favourites baskets because it saves time. Metrico is the only platform on the market that tracks your brand’s share of favourites.