Has a Promotion Ruined your Market Share?


Have you run a promotion recently and aren’t sure if it made a difference or not? 

We all know that FMCG brands spend a huge amount of effort and budget trying to increase their market share. 

But tracking the growth in market share is not straightforward. You might have EPOS data, Tesco data from Dunnhumby, e-com data from Ocado, or panel data from one of the big suppliers, but piecing this all together to create a view of market share is time-consuming. 

AND if the results aren’t clear, you run the risk of wasting more time and money by prioritising the wrong things and we don’t think any of this is how it SHOULD be. 

So, we built Metrico – the new e-commerce smart assistant. We can track your promotions and the promotions of your competitors and let you know which ones have had the most impact on your market share. 

Here’s a quick example: 

P&G launched a promotion in Tesco for Johnson’s Baby Top to Toe Wash (500ml) using a ‘2 for £3.00’. There was a +207% uplift in market share, but when the promotion was run again with a different promotional wording – ‘Was £3.00 now £1.50’ – there was only+52% growth. 

The same discount, just different wording. 

What Johnson’s needed was a way to figure out why the massive difference in results. Was it:

  1. the wording
  2. the timing – perhaps a competitor or retailer was running a competing promo
  3. another driver e.g. product availability had decreased

Metrico can give you this answer by both giving you your e-commerce market share for you and your competitor AND analysing the other factors that were at play during the promotion. 

If you would like a free trial of Metrico – please fill out the below and get in touch!!