Groceries Tracker Latest: Festive Fizz is On the Up

mySupermarket’s monthly Groceries Tracker tracks the average price of 35 commonly bought items across the supermarkets to find the trends that affect shoppers directly. Whilst there is no such thing as an average basket, the Groceries Tracker provides a consistent insight for shoppers and retailers into the changing cost of groceries.

The price of the average basket of grocery items has risen in November compared to October according to mySupermarket’s monthly Groceries Tracker.

We discovered the price of a basket of 35 popular items came to £85.93 in November compared to £85.22 in October. Festive fizz is on the up as the price of cola and fruit juice has increased with the arrival of Christmas party season. The price of broccoli has also continued to soar. Fresh staples carrots, onions and tomatoes have all fallen, giving shoppers a chance to save during one of the most expensive times of the year.

Our monthly Groceries Tracker found the price of broccoli had increased, whilst other fresh staples fell.

Going Up

The biggest price increase was cola, which saw a 21% increase from £2.69 to £3.26 per 2L between October and November. Broccoli, which was already 36% more expensive in October 2017 compared to 2016, has seen its average price climb 19% to over £1 (£1.14) between October and November. Other price increases include fruit juice (3%), red pasta sauce (2%) and butter (2%).

Going Down

Fresh essentials such as onions, tomatoes and carrots have fallen in average price. 1kg of carrots costs 4% less in November compared to October. Tomatoes fell 5% from £2.61 to £2.48. The biggest price fall was the average price of onions, which cost 9% less in November than October. This comes after big price rises in August and October 2017. Onions are still 20% more expensive in November 2017 compared to November 2016.

Stays the Same

In our basket of 35 items, we discovered the cost of 12 products had risen, whilst 8 fell. The average price of the majority of items remained stable. This could be a result of retailers focusing on festive promotions over promotions on everyday goods. Shoppers are paying slightly more (3%) more for their shopping in 2017 compared to 2016. Their total basket is £2.82 more expensive than November 2016.

mySupermarket’s CEO Gilad Simhony said:

As we enter the festive season the price of an average basket of goods looks to be fairly stable. This is reassuring for shoppers looking to balance the cost of Christmas with their budgets and may be the result of retailers and suppliers focusing on festive pricing strategies rather than promotions on everyday items.

However large price increases on festive favourites such as cola, and the knowledge that shoppers are paying over £2 more an increase of 3% for a basket in 2017 compared to the same period in 2016, shows that shoppers still need to be aware if they want to make a saving. Shoppers can protect their savings and find the best value by comparing supermarket offers and prices using mySupermarket both before and during a shop.

More Information

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