Groceries Tracker Latest: Healthy savings for 2018 as average monthly basket price falls

Our January Groceries Tracker report is out and it looks like we’re off to a good start for saving resolutions in 2018 as the price of a basket of 35 popular has fallen for the second month in a row, with items coming to £85.24 compared to December’s £85.56.

It’s good news for 2018’s healthy resolutions too as the mySupermarket’s monthly Groceries Tracker has revealed that the price of some fresh essentials has fallen in January 2018 compared to December 2018. Shoppers need to be vigilant however, as some prices in the fresh aisle are also up.

Items that have become cheaper are all items that are likely to be found on New Year resolution inspired shopping lists including fruit juices, grapes and onions. January also saw fresh items creeping up in price however, including tomatoes, broccoli and cucumber.

The Good…

The average price of fruit juice (2L) and fruit yogurt (per 4 x 125ml) fell 5%. Kitchen staple onions fell 6% but are 7% more expensive in January 2018 compared to January 2017. Grapes also fell 8% but the biggest price fall has been mushrooms, which are often in peak season over winter. January saw their average price fall the most; costing 13% less in January 2018 than they did in December 2017.

The Bad…

However, despite the saving on some fresh items, the price of tomatoes (9%), broccoli (6%) and cucumber (3%) all increased in January, meaning shoppers looking for a healthy start in 2018 were likely paying more. Other price increases include squash drinks (per 2L) at 5% more and cheddar cheese per 500g at 11p, or 3%, more in January 2018 compared to December 2017.

What about year on year?

There have also been some big price increases on items compared to January 2017. The average price of kitchen roll has increased nearly 30% (28%) and squash drink has increased 25%, costing 36p more in 2018. Items that are cheaper in January 2018 compared to last year include fresh peppers (-7%) and fresh chicken pieces (-6%) which cost £7.29 per kg compared to £7.78 in January 2017.

mySupermarket image

The first 2018 Groceries tracker has shown the cost of Fruit Juice has Fallen

The Big Picture

Overall the price of 17 items fell between December 2017 and January 2018 whilst 11 increased. 7 item prices remained stationary. Shoppers are paying slightly more (3%) more for their shopping in 2018 compared to 2017. Their total basket is £2.58 more expensive than January 2017.


mySupermarket’s CEO Gilad Simhony said:

Shoppers will be going into 2018 with resolutions centred around money saving and health after an indulgent festive period. Whilst it’s great news to see some fresh items amongst the biggest price decreases between December and January, shoppers need to be careful of higher prices elsewhere in the same aisles.

Shoppers are paying over £2.50 more in 2018 for the same items, but they can still find the best value, and save the most money, if they use mySupermarket and compare before and even during their shopping trip. This is the best way for shoppers to protect their saving resolutions, and their healthy intentions, throughout the coming year.


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