Introducing eBrand Ranking: Your One Step Guide to e-Comm Excellence

One of the biggest struggles facing FMCG as e-Commerce emerges as the future of retail is measuring how effective sales drivers are in this new space. Without being able to measure results accurately, companies risk losing sales and developing ineffective marketing and sales strategies. Not the best way to stay competitive in must be said…

Luckily, mySupermarket Business Solutions has launched a new service for ambitious e-Commerce businesses in the UK to solve the problem: eBrand Ranking.

What is eBrand Ranking?

eBrand Ranking is expected to become the leading e-Commerce success metric solution and is currently being tested with some of the world leading FMCG businesses.

Because online shopping is different to bricks & mortar grocery, KPIs and metrics are different. What and how to measure is not always clear and measurement best practice is not established. eBrand Ranking solves these problems for FMCG brands.

table of brands from ebrand ranking

eBrand Ranking is one metric to continuously assess if a brand is achieving e-Commerce excellence

eBrand Ranking provides brands with one simple number to track, enabling them to continuously monitor their e-Commerce performance, identify the levers to activate and those necessary to achieving e-Commerce excellence.

eBrand Ranking is a continuous category score for brands. Each brand is scored out of 100, relative to the category, using an algorithm that combines 10 KPIs (and a number of proprietary metrics) for e-Commerce success.

More data, more insights, better results

We’re launching eBrand Ranking in the UK as a new paid-for service to complement our existing suite of e-Commerce tools and consultancy business. Working in conjunction with the e-Commerce expertise at Kantar Consulting, eBrand Ranking is expected to become the leading measure of e-Commerce success for FMCG brands.

Here’s what Viv, MD at mySupermarket Business Solutions thinks about eBrand Ranking:

“Tracking a brand’s true e-Commerce performance is a dark art, shrouded in sorcery and guesswork, but eBrand Ranking solves the problem. We’ve been fine-tuning our eBrand Ranking algorithm so that it integrates all sales-driving levers into a single view.  Brands can quickly and easily identify and prioritise the prominent issues across all their e-Commerce retailers. Using eBrand Ranking we can identify the right levers to beat your competitor in your category and win.” (Viv Craske, MD, MySupermarket Business Solutions)

Malcolm Pinkerton, VP e-Commerce and Digital Insights, Kantar Consulting adds: 

“Intense competition and high shopper expectations of e-Commerce, means it is imperative for brands to clearly define the tactics that will win share, and the metrics against which to assess if they are operating at peak e-Commerce performance. eBrand Ranking clearly helps brands achieve this quickly and easily.” (Malcolm Pinkerton, VP e-Commerce and Digital Insights, Kantar Consulting)


Find out More

eBrand Ranking can help your brand: 

  • Quantify the overall relative power of your brand vs. your competitors in the category
  • Drill down into the details to expose tactical strengths and weaknesses
  • Track changes over time in your relative ranking vs. your competitors
  • Identify the most urgent and important fixes to improve your brand’s overall performance

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Head over to to discover your eBrand Ranking and how you can use it to stay one step ahead of your competitors. 

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