mySupermarket Partners with ONS

mysupermarket partners with ONS

The quality and accuracy of our data has always been a pillar of mySupermarket Business Solutions. Powered by our consumer panel and web scraping tools, we have been able to collect, analyse and understand pricing data across the UK market for some time. Now we’re delighted to announce that we’ll be using this data in a new and exciting venture.

mySupermarket and the ONS

We’re now working with the Office For National Statistics to provide pricing data for over 750,000 items across 30 retailers for the Consumer Price Index. Our data will help the ONS modernise economic measurements and keep pace with the digital age.

The ONS is a an institution in collecting and releasing official statistics regarding the UK economy. As markets grow and evolve, so must the figures reported in order to give a truer reflection and understanding of what is happening to prices across the economy.

Modern Data Collection

Internet sales now make up 20% of the UK market, so it makes sense that the ONS are looking to modernise their offerings to reflect the changing ways consumers shop and where. Online prices change quicker than those in store; working with mySupermarket will allow the ONS to respond to changing prices and fluctuations faster. This provides a more accurate overview of the UK economy and markets. Working with mySupermarket will allow the ONS to collect more online prices and much more quickly.

A Badge of Honour

Working with the ONS is a badge of honour for mySupermarket. Working together validates our data as a key source of understanding not only in FMCG markets, but wider economic trends too. We’re excited to help take the ONS into the digital age and look forward to new ways our data can be used to provide understanding and insight to changing economies.

Commenting on the new contract, Head of Inflation at the ONS, Mike Hardie, said:

“This new technology will allow us to collect more online prices and much quicker than we currently can. The crucial work will help ensure our inflation figures are able to fully reflect fast changing online pricing, ensuring they remain robust in this increasingly digital time.”


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