Grocery Tracker Latest – Prices Rise as Temperatures Soar

Every month we collect and analyse the price of an average basket of goods to identify what’s costing more, what’s costing less and where shoppers are able to find the best value. 

Grocery Tracker Latest

The mySupermarket Groceries Tracker provides an unofficial inflation tracker which exposes the real cost of groceries to the UK market. In June 2018, high prices accompanied higher temperatures as summer truly arrived. 

What’s costing more?

We discovered the price of a basket of 35 popular items has increased from £84.91 in May to £85.64 in June 2018. The price of the average basket of grocery items has risen 1%, due to price increases in various categories. Shoppers paid £0.73 more for the same basket of goods in June 2018 compared to May 2018, and are paying 2% (£1.98) more than June 2017 (£83.66).

Items that have increased in price include fresh peppers, which cost 9% more per six peppers, despite falling in price the month previous. Pasta prices have increased 6% per kg across the major supermarkets. Deli bacon and ham has also seen a 5% increase per 120g in June. 

Where can shoppers save?

The biggest price drops have again been in the fresh produce aisle. The price of broccoli fell a massive 22%, whilstcarrots fell 3% per kg between May and June 2018. Onions fell 2% per kg. 

carrots and onions

image credit: Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Paper prices

For the first time in several months, the price of kitchen towel and toilet paper have also decreased. Following several months of supply issues worldwide, each category has now decreased in price 1% between June and May 2018.

Shoppers are still paying 5% more for toilet paper and 20% more for kitchen roll compared to the same month last year however

Compared to last year, the highest price increases include kitchen towels and toilet paper, but also squash (23%) and cola (20%). This suggests that the introduction of a UK sugar tax may have caused a noticeable increase in price that affects shoppers directly.

Our Verdict 

mySupermarket’s CEO Gilad Simhony said:

This month’s price increase is slight, but it highlights some possible danger areas for shoppers to keep an eye on for potential price increases.

Items that saw prices fall between April and May, such as fresh peppers, have now seen their prices soar. Whilst the price of toilet paper and kitchen towel may be stabilising after a period of constant increase, shoppers will still need to be vigilant in finding the best value on these items. Price comparison is one of the key ways to protect savings when shopping for groceries, as well as using the other tools available for shoppers on

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