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Create Pack Shots That Drive E-commerce Sales (Even On Mobile) Without Confusion And Hassle

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Aug 30, 2018 1:00 PM London



What will you learn?

In this practical webinar with Neilsen Brandbank and mSupermarket Business Solutions, we will answer:

How do I optimise images for sales on mobiles and big screens?

GS1 is releasing industry-approved guidelines around best-in-class ‘mobile ready hero images’. On one hand, the guidelines provide pages of detail on how to optimise your pack shots for mobile. On the other hand, there are plenty of nuances in your category that makes updating pack shots for e-commerce a challenge.

Questions We Can Answer:

  • What are retailers happy to accept as front of pack images and what will they reject?
  • How should I test my images – Does image A/B testing increase sales?
  • How do we compromise between brand teams’ need to protect the brand and what works well for shoppers?
  • Hasn’t Unilever released an open standard I can use?
  • How hard is it to test my images with a retailer?

Who is Running The Webinar?

In this webinar, Viv Craske, MD, of mySupermarket Business Solutions will answer all these questions and more and guide you to a clear, sensible plan to decide:

1) Do I even need to update my images?
2) If yes, how can I do it with the least hassle?
3) How can I ensure that my company and retailers will accept my new images?

Who are mySupermarket Business Solutions?

mySupermarket Business Solutions is an e-commerce consultancy that drives e-commerce sales for FMCGs across Europe. We’ve worked with hundreds of brands, including a large proportion of the Top 100 FMCGs. One part of our business is mySupermarket Retail Lab, which allows FMCGs to carry out A/B testing of images in a live retail environment.

A number of leading global FMCGs, retailers, mySupermarket and Nielsen Brandbank have been working with GS1, the global standards agency, to help define best practice around primary images, especially focussing on the challenge of showing clear images on mobile devices. With guidelines soon to be released by GS1, it’s a good time to roll out best practice for primary images across your business.

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