Groceries Tracker Latest: Prices Fall as Summer Comes to an End

Groceries Tracker Latest: Prices Fall as Summer Comes to an End

As summer comes to an end the average cost of a basket of groceries has fallen 1% according to the mySupermarket Groceries Tracker.


The tracker, which monitors the cost of an average basket of goods across major UK retailers has found that the cost of everyday items is cheaper in August compared to July 2018, costing 47p less. The same basket is 1% more expensive than August 2017 however, but this increase of 1% is below inflation – good news for shoppers.

Going Up

Items that have increased in price include onions, which have gone up for the second month in a row. The average price of onions now costs 9% more than July 2018, and 10% more than August 2017. This price increase is likely due to the long hot summer across key regions in Europe. 

Going Down

The Groceries Tracker found that for the second month in a row a meat based category saw the biggest reduction in price. Deli meat and ham is now 6% cheaper than July 2018, and 7% cheaper than August 2017.

Other items that are cheaper as summer comes to an end include cucumber, pasta and frozen pizza. Items that have increased according to the Groceries Tracker include grapes, mushrooms and fruit yogurt.

Not So Sweet Tooth

The costs of cola and squash categories are both noticeably more expensive than last year. Cola costs 21% more than August 2018 whilst squash is 5% more expensive in the same period. This is likely due to the introduction of the UK Sugar tax earlier this year. 

groceries- tracker- august

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Price Comparison is Key

mySupermarket’s CEO Gilad Simhony said:

After two months of continuous price increases, it is good news for shoppers to see the price on an average basket of goods decrease by 1%.

There is a trend developing on the increases we are seeing however, as onions have again risen in price more than any other category. It will be interesting to see how the increased price of such a kitchen staple will affect both consumer shopping habits and the price of items including this staple ingredient.

This is also the second month in a row where a meat based category has seen the highest reduction in price (last month fresh chicken pieces also saw a large price fall). This again provides shoppers with an excellent opportunity to stock up and save, especially if the items purchased are freezable.

As the cost of cola and squash continues to rise, shoppers will do well to make use of the price comparison tools available on so they can continue to enjoy their favourite beverages at the best value, even if the price continues to increase as the year enters its final quarter.

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