August Grocery Tracker

Grocery Costs Continue to Rise The price of the average basket of grocery items has continued its rise in August per mySupermarket’s monthly Groceries Tracker. Research conducted by shopping and comparison website found the price of a basket of 35 popular items came to £84.40 compared to the previous month of £84.35. The changes[…]

Heinz’s Sales Slump – How to Find Out What’s Going On (And How You Can Do The Same For Your Brand And Your Competitors Today)

  Heinz’s UK sales are down 16.3% from 2016 to 2017, but why? We used the Metrico Smart Assistant to find some answers. Heinz’s Tomato Ketchup sales are down 13% yoy from Jan 2016 to Jan 2017. The UK subsidiary HJ Heinz Foods UK revealed a 16.5% decline in total annual sales from £846.7M in[…]

July Grocery Tracker

  Grocery Costs Continue to Rise  The price of the average basket of grocery items has continued its sharp rise in July per mySupermarket’s monthly Groceries Tracker. Research conducted by shopping and comparison website found the price of a basket of 35 popular items came to £84.35 compared to the previous month of £83.04.[…]

Introducing Metrico – The E-Commerce Smart Assistant

  mySupermarket Business Solutions have launched its new smart assistant ‘Metrico’ mySupermarket Business Solutions, the No.1 trusted e-business insight & technology partner to FMCG brands and retailers have launched a smart assistant, Metrico; a first in the industry. Metrico, the first e-commerce smart assistant, delivers insights and alerts to your email inbox, saves busy FMCG[…]

Unilever Vs Tesco – Confused?

    Have you seen the new Tesco product shot guidelines for e-commerce? It’s very different to Unilever’s approach.    Which has led to both frustration and confusion with our clients, and then Ocado has brought out their own front of pack guidelines which ignore both Unilever’s approach and Tesco’s – frustrating isn’t it!  […]

Case Study: Cadbury’s Freddo

The mySupermarket Insights tool is a great way to track the progress of your products. The tool allows you take a deeper look, which can be very useful when launching a product to market. We looked into the launch of Cadburys Freddo Drinking Chocolate 175g into Tesco and Asda and this is what we found:  […]

Case Study: A Shopper Profile

  THE QUESTION How can we optimize our marketing spend with minimal investment in in-depth market analysis? THE APPROACH mySupermarket was asked by brand X to delve into their category and shopper profile. Looking at the shopper profile of brand X within its category revealed some interesting insights. The demographic of the shopper can be[…]

Wine buying trends

It’s the nation’s favourite drink. No longer the tipple just for connoisseurs or the wealthy; the red, white or bubbly drop has firmly established itself as a much-loved drink for people of all ages, social classes and regions of the UK. Yes, we’re talking about wine – the beverage that novelist Ernest Hemingway once described[…]

Turning big data into smart data – how to make insights actionable

With the growth of ecommerce comes a wealth of customer data. The challenge within businesses is to correctly analyse the data, use it to effectively communicate with your customer and then capitalise on the opportunities provided. Within the FMCG industry and the online grocery world, customer data is crucial in understanding who your shopper is,[…]

Media Compliance – new report

We are pleased to announce that our new Online Category Management Tool is now even better with the addition of a new report for brand managers. Our Media Compliance report will review all the different advertising campaigns you have across retailers. We’ll examine the different places your advertisements should appear on retailers’ sites and we’ll confirm whether they[…]

Spring is in the air

  It is that time of year again where the weather gets a little bit warmer, the flowers start blooming, and you can give your house a nice little spring cleaning makeover! According to mySupemarket studies, approximately 72% of women in the UK and 28% of men account for the volume of sales across cleaning[…]

Feb 2016: mySupermarket Conference Schedule

February has seen us attend and speak at two different conferences – you may have seen us there? On Tuesday, February 2nd, we spoke at The Retail Bulletin’s OmniChannel Summit in London. mySupermarket’s Managing Director, Kim Ludlow, addressed the audience on personalisation and using data to understand your customers. Of key importance for brands and[…]

Sugar Accumulator App Downloaded a Million Times

You may remember our award winning sugar accumulator tool from previous correspondence. The concept, developed with Public Health England and MEC, presents itself as a widget on our website and measures how much sugar is in a shopper’s basket. Using the UK Government’s nutrition criteria, we developed a system based on the traffic light labelling[…]

Search Term Analysis: Understanding How Shoppers Arrive at Your Brand

mySupermarket tracked the shopper journey of customers online and found that most shoppers begin by using the search function. If many shoppers are using the search tool to fill their basket, it is important that brands have optimised this tool in order to be found. Search term analysis collects metrics about how customers search for your[…]