Influencing ROPO

William Grant & Sons UK Ltd. is a family owned luxury spirits company, established in 1887. The Glenfiddich range is the world’s most awarded single malt whisky. Bottled in a distinctive triangular bottle, Glenfiddich has received global recognition and success. To review ROPO (research online, purchase offline) behaviour around the Glenfiddich brand at a key[…]

Switching Behaviour

Lucozade Ribena Suntory is a soft drinks brand representing the popular sports and energy drinks of Lucozade and the beloved fruit drink, Ribena, among others. The company was formed in January 2014 when Japanese food and beverage company Suntory acquired the Lucozade and Ribena brands. To learn which promotions influence shoppers to move away from[…]

Media Campaign

Primula Cheese was the world’s first spreadable cheese with a long shelf life and was named after the Primula flower. It was first introduced into the UK in 1929. The Primula brand is owned by the Norwegian Kavli group owned by The Kavli Trust, manufactured in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Great Britain, and sold in[…]

Bespoke Campaign

Every year Public Health England run a campaign called “Change 4 Life” which focuses on a way for people to improve their health by making healthy lifestyle choices. The 2015 campaign aimed to promote healthy eating choices and raise awareness of the sugar content of foods, specifically in children’s food. The campaign focused on parent[…]

Image A/B Testing

Wrigley is a global brand of chewing gum and sweets and a subsidiary of Mars Inc. Wrigley headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois. Wrigley launched in the UK in 1911 and its UK products are manufactured in a factory in Plymouth. Popular Wrigley brands include Airwaves, Extra and Hubba Bubba gum as well as sweets such[…]

Price Point Testing

The Schwartz brand was established in 1889. It was the first company in Canada to sell pure spices, with an emphasis on smaller, fresher portions. By the 1930s the company was selling spices to more than 50 countries but the Schwartz brand only reached the UK in 1959. Schwartz now belongs to McCormick and Company[…]